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Incredibly Creative Sock Puppet Patterns You Can Try

Sock Puppet Patterns
Apart from making sock bunnies, there are other sock puppet patterns which you can learn. Here's an article that will teach you how to make sock puppets in various patterns...
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Growing up, our parents have helped us make puppets with paper bags and socks. This time around, it's your turn and learning how to make sock puppets can actually be a fun experience, regardless of age. Kids love to play with sock puppets and it sure keeps them busy. When you have to spend one-on-one time with the little ones, why not make it a creative time where you are not only putting up a puppet show, but are also showing them how the puppets are made. There are different sock puppet patterns which you can work on and make it a weekly kids' craft project. You don't really require a whole lot of time or materials to make these puppets. Let the kids use their imagination and work on their own ideas as to how the sock puppets can be prepared. So... what are we waiting for? Let's get right to them.
Patterns of Animals
Almost everyone knows how to make sock bunnies. Which is why, we thought that this article should have some new patterns to discuss. The point is, once you know the proper steps, the rest is piece of cake. With different shapes and designs for the lips, eyes, and the nose, you can easily make different puppets in a jiffy.
Basic Sock Puppet Instructions
The main items you'll require to make sock puppets include a sock (of course), googly eyes, glue gun, yarn, and marker. You can choose different colors of socks to make the puppets and the yarn is used to make hair on the head or even whiskers. The first thing you want to do is glue the eyes. To do so, place left hand inside the sock and use a marker to put two dots for eyes. On these dots, you can glue the googly eyes. All there's left to do now is let your imagination go wild and use other items to make different faces for your sock puppets.
The various sock puppet animals which can be made are...
  • Frog- To make a frog puppet, you will need a green sock. Take red yarn or cloth, cut it in the shape of the tongue, and glue it to the sock. You can even use yellow glitter pen to put dots on the frog's body.
  • Duck - A yellow sock for the duck, if possible or you can even use white sock for it. The googly eyes go in place and as for the beak, you can glue strings of orange yarn across the mouth.
  • Lion - You will require a beige, almost light brown sock to make this puppet. To create the mane, glue strings of dark brown yarn around the face. Also, you'll have to glue some whiskers on the puppet too. Cut smaller strings for the whiskers and glue them in place.
  • Dog - To make a dog puppet, you can use any colored sock. Place the googly eyes or you can even draw big eyes on the sock with a marker. To make the ears, use 2 smaller socks and glue them to the side of the face. Use strings of black yarn and make whiskers out of them.
  • Horse - Use brown cloth to make the horse's nose and use the same colored cloth as the sock to make the ears. You will need to use strings of dark brown yarn and glue them on the sock to make its mane.
These were some fun and enjoyable patterns for kids and adults to try. Turn your lazy afternoons into a constructive one and make a whole drawer filled with colorful sock puppets. Have fun!
Lion finger puppet