Step by Step Instructions to Make a Lei

Crepe paper instructions
How about welcoming your guests the Hawaiian way? Lei's are easy to make and worth all the effort, besides, they are sure to bring a smile to just about any one. Learn it the Buzzle way, trust me, the steps are as easy as saying ready-steady-go.
Hawaiian Tradition
The Maile vine was intertwined by the chiefs to establish peace between two groups.
Say Aloha, and welcome your guests to an evening with a Hawaiian touch, right in your own backyard. Since time memorial, Hawaiians have used leis to beautify themselves and distinguish themselves from the rest. A lei is nothing but a garland made from fresh flowers, shells, seeds, nuts, feathers and even bones of animals.

The lei has undoubtedly become symbolic to Hawaii. The best part of wearing a lei is that you do not need a specific occasion to sport one. One of the most important aspects to be kept in mind though, is that the lei should be accepted as a welcomed celebration of the presence of another. Which means it is considered rude to remove a lei from the neck in the presence of the one who has presented it to you.

Though the process of making a lei is relatively simple, we have included three styles of lei for your benefit. You can use different material to make the lei, basically, all you need is some thread and a needle to pass through your material.

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Crepe Paper Lei


Crepe Paper
Step 1: Cut the crepe paper into equal strips. Use two colors to bring out the contrast, as shown in the image.

Step 2: Placing one strip on top of the other, sew them together. Remember to make gathers as you sew the paper together.

Step 3: Once you reach the end of the strip, attach another strip using glue. You can directly begin sewing the next strip if you want gaps in the lei.

Step 4: Gather, twist and turn the paper to create a pattern. Continue till you have reached a desired length. Tie the ends of the thread tightly to prevent the pattern from opening up.

Your crepe paper lei is ready to use. As you can see, the crepe paper lei is easy to make and looks attractive too. You can use a variety of colored crepe paper to make leis. They are definitely a cheaper option than the original flower leis.

Loop Paper Lei


Origami Paper
Step 1: Cut the paper into equal strips. you can cut it as per the desired thickness.

Step 2: Open up the strips of paper and lay them flat on the table.

Step 3: Bring one end of the strip to the other and fasten with glue.

Step 4: Interlock one loop into another to form a chain. Continue attaching strips of colored paper in a similar manner.

Step 5: Once you reach the desired length, attach one final loop to bring the two ends together. Create a few more loops and attach it to the center, making it more decorative.

Your loop lei is ready. You can ask the kids to help you make this lei. Its easy, fun, and good enough to keep the kids busy in some activity. Create multiple such leis and present it to your guests.

Flower Cut-outs Lei


Origami Paper
Step 1: Cut long strips of paper and keep aside. Fold the paper into equal parts and sketch a flower on one side of the paper.

Step 2: Cut out the flowers from all the strips of paper.

Step 3: Cut the straw into small pieces.

Step 4: Alternately sew in a flower followed by a vertical piece of straw. You can even sew the straw horizontally, to create a pattern.

Step 5: Repeat the process till you reach the desired length. Tie a knot to secure the two ends of the lei in place.

Your own unique flower lei is ready. In a similar manner, you can use beads, seeds and confetti balls to make a lei. Making this lei will hardly take any time, besides you can enjoy a fun evening with your friends or family while making them before the scheduled party.

Orchid LeiHibiscus Lei
Flower LeiSeed Lei

Essentially, a lei is made using fresh flowers as shown in the pictures above. To make such a flower lei all you need are flowers of your choice, a needle and thread. Pass the flowers through the needle and pull the needle through. Once you reach the desired length, fasten the two ends of the thread together and your traditional flower lei is ready. To give it a different look, pass the needle through the stem of the flower and place the flowers side by side. Your lei will have a flower each facing inside and outside.

Make a note of the number of guests coming to the party and ensure you have enough leis for everyone present. Be prepared to shell out extra to make a traditional lei. We suggest you try out the non-conventional means for making a Hawaiian lei, especially if you want them in bulk.