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Tall Flower Arrangements

Rimlee Bhuyan Oct 30, 2018
Fresh flowers, whether bought from a florist or freshly cut from the garden, looks great when displayed creatively. Tall floral arrangements are much in vogue and here we will give you some ideas for creating tall flower arrangements.
Flower arrangement is an art, and the right flower arrangement can brighten up any room. They are an essential for weddings or for decorating a party.
Tall flower arrangements are classic and elegant, and can look stunning if right vase and flowers are picked. These kinds of flower arrangements are a very good option for dressing your center and coffee table and can instantly transform a space from drab to fab.

Tall Floral Arrangement Ideas

When you have decided to make a tall flower arrangement, there are a few things that you have to keep in mind, like the scale and proportion of the arrangement. The mistake that people make, is stuffing too many flowers in a single vase or using a very small container for tall blooms.
You should not only be creative and innovative while arranging flowers, but the result should be pleasing to the eye and should have harmony and balance. Tall flower arrangements make excellent table decor, particularly if you are planning for a dinner party. Here are some tall flower arrangement ideas.

Minimalistic Appeal

The Dramatic Look

Eclectic Arrangement

One-Color Flower Arrangement

Ideas for Creating Tall Floral Arrangements

Here are a few ideas that you can take inspiration from to make your very own tall floral arrangement.
>> A very creative and beautiful tall flower arrangement is to group together red and white stripped amaryllis with solid red amaryllis in a loose dome. Put them in a cylindrical glass vase that is wrapped in pearl-finish paper and tie it with a red ribbon.
>> Generally people shy away from using big, billowing blooms in flower arrangements. But if they are displayed in the right way, they make excellent centerpieces that are stunning and gorgeous. Use hydrangeas in full bloom in a big glazed vase and secure the stems at the bottom with florist foam.
>> Using a single type of flower in one color makes a very elegant flower arrangement. Take around three dozen long-stemmed alstroemeria flowers and make a bouquet by tying them with a rubber band. Fit them snugly into a tall container like a ceramic pot and tuck some chartreuse leaves all along the periphery of the pot.
>> For a classic and minimalistic tall flower arrangement, you can use flowers that are in shades of the same color. You can assemble a bunch of hydrangeas and clematis in purple tones in a beautiful glass vase and fill the vase with blue or violet colored pebbles.
>> Here is a very good idea for a floral arrangement centerpiece that makes a high impact and is just right as a centerpiece for the dining table. Take a big unripe pumpkin and with the help of a sharp knife cut the top half of the pumpkin. Scoop out the insides of the pumpkin and clean it thoroughly.
Now arrange yellow and orange roses, daffodils and yellow lilies in the pumpkin. Place some smaller pumpkins and votive candles all around the pumpkin to make an attractive and unique display.
>> For a neat flower arrangement that can be used as table decoration, place a bunch of fresh German chamomile in a jar. Now enclose the jar in a white paper bag and punch holes on the top of the bag and lace it with a bright yellow ribbon.
>> For an informal get together with friends you do not require a very formal vase for displaying flowers. To get a cozy and relaxing effect, just bunch together some daisies or peonies in some decorative biscuit and tea tins and arrange them all around the room.
>> Gather some calla lilies and arrange them in a glass vase by placing them in a pyramid like formation.
So, these were some ideas that you can use for creating tall flower arrangements. Mix long stemmed flowers like carnations with greens for a more balanced look.
You can create different looks by varying the size and shape of the container or pot in which you arrange the blooms. It is not always necessary to display flowers in a vase. You can try arranging flowers in tall bottles, pitchers and sugar bowls for a whimsical effect.