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Useful Things to Make With Duct Tape

Mamta Mule Apr 14, 2019
Here are the methods for making some things with duct tape. These are one of the most useful fashion accessories that most of you would love to make and use.
Duct tape is a popularly used adhesive tape. It is made from cotton fabric, with a coating of polyethylene or vinyl on both sides. This tape is available in various colors and has an adhesive layer on one of its sides.
Right from useful purses, wallets, to fashionable dresses, there's a lot you can make with this tape. So, if you are ready to experiment with this versatile and durable material, here are some craft items that can be made using it.

Cell Phone Case

One of the things to make with duct tape is a cell phone case. It is useful and can be made to complement your outfits. You'll need tape, cell phone, velcro tape, and a pair of scissors.

♦ Firstly, get the cell phone for which you want to make a case. Get a tape of the desired color, texture and width. You can make one to match one of your outfits or purse.

♦ Hold the cell phone vertically. Now, circle the tape around your phone to cover it completely, except for its top and bottom part. Remember to keep the sticky side out.
♦ Cover the bottom with the tape's sticky side out. Also, make sure that it overlaps on the horizontal circle. Ensure that the cell phone is completely covered, except at the top.

♦ Take another tape for final touch. Overlap it thoroughly, keeping the sticky side in, over the previous one. Ensue that it is perfectly overlapped and the top part is left open.
♦ Take a 10-inch long strip of the tape, 1½ - 2 inches wide, depending upon the width of the phone. Fold it in half to make it 5 inches long.

♦ Stick a velcro strip on the upper-side and the other part on the flap. Attach the flap on the backside with a tape piece and bring it to the front and close the flap. A perfect, inexpensive phone case is ready!


A jazzy belt can be used in many ways to have a stylish look. You can wear it over a dress, jeans, or tunics and give a unique touch to the apparel. You might be spending a lot of money in buying some expensive belts for each outfit.
So, here's a way to make this piece of fashion accessory yourself in an inexpensive way. To make a duct tape belt, you'll need tape (width and color as desired), belt buckle, and a ruler.

♠ Start by measuring your waist. Measure the width of the belt loops also.

♠ Take a long strip of tape, fold it at its center sticky side in, and overlap. You will have a tape of half the size of what you had. Press it properly so that no bubbles appear. Remember that the folded strip must now be a few inches longer than your waist.
♠ Repeat step 2 to get a similar strip again.

♠ Next, repeat step 2 to have one more strip of the same size. This time, keep the sticky side out.
♠ Now, place all 3 strips over each other. The one you made in step 4 will go in-between the other two. A thick belt is ready!

♠ If the belt is wider than the loops, cut off the extra width from it.
Now, take a stylish buckle, insert the belt in it, and secure it using small strips of the tape.
You can also make wallets, craft items, and many other things with a duct tape. Not only are these items easy to make, they are also light on the pocket. All you need to do is find the right color, be creative, and try out various crafts!