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Ways to Make Tissue Paper Flowers

Sheetal Mandora Apr 16, 2019
Making elegant tissue paper flowers is not just a fun craft activity, but can be done to decorate the house. Read on to find step-by-step instructions on making roses, sunflowers, and carnations.
"When you see the flower of happiness on your way, don't take it immediately; sit and watch it and realise how rare it is!"
― Mehmet Murat İldan
Go through all 3 ideas we've mentioned here, and get started now. As the steps are easy to follow, you can even include kids to help you out with making the flowers.

Paper Roses

1. To make the paper roses, you'll require―8 red or pink papers, 4 green papers, 1 thick and 1 thin floral wires, green florist tape, scissors, wire cutter, and pencil.

2. Depending on how small or big you want the roses to be, cut the 8 red or pink papers accordingly. Each paper will be considered as a petal.
3. Take 4 petals and cut round shapes on 3 sides (as there are 4 sides to the rectangular paper). Again, take 4 petals and cut similarly.

4. Stack all 8 petals together and roll them over a pencil. This will give the petals a curvy shape. Open the petals and follow this step on the other side as well.
5. Separate all 8 petals. Take the thick gauge wire as we will use it for the stem. Begin at the center; wrap 3 petals closely together around the wire.

6. Then, wrap another petal to surround those 3 petals. One by one, take the other 4 petals and make fuller looking rose.
7. If you want to make a rose bud, then keep the petals close to one another. If you want a bigger rose, you can use more petals.

8. Take the thin wire and wrap it around all the petals to secure properly. Keep the rose aside for now.
9. We will take the 4 green papers and cut them in the shape of leaves. Similar to the petals, we will wrap them around the pencil as well.

10. You can either wrap the leaves at the bottom of the rose or leave them opened, attached to the wire. And that's it.

Paper Sunflowers

1. To make paper sunflowers, you'll require―yellow, golden, green, and brown papers, hard paper plate, hole punch, pipe cleaner stems, glue, scissors, and sunflower seeds.

2. Place the yellow, green, and golden papers in a stack and fold them 4 times. You will have a square shape ready.
3. Take the scissors to cut at least 3―4 petals from them. As we fold the papers, you will end up with many petals. You can choose the shape and the size of the sunflower petals.
4. Make sure that the paper plate you choose is small as we will be sticking the flower on it. On the paper plate, you need to glue, from the center, the green petals (or leaves) of the sunflower.
5. Make a spiral design with the green leaves, and cover the entire plate. Also, extend the leaves towards the side of the plate.
6. The gold and yellow petals will be glued in the front. So overlap them one by one, starting from the center. You can alternate both colors to make the flower look more elegant.
7. Now take the brown paper and cut it in half 2 times. Take the papers and wrinkle them in your hands. In your palms, form soft balls with them. It's alright if they are not even.
8. In the center of the flower, we will glue these 2 balls. Press it down on the plate so that the layer is even.

9. Leave the flower on the side to dry completely. Next, we will glue the sunflower seeds on the brown paper section. Glue as many as you want.
10. With the punch hole, make 2 holes in the paper plate. Leave at least 1'' space between them. Take the pipe cleaners and insert 3―4 of them inside. This will make the stem.
11. Twist the pipe cleaners in each holes together to make the stem. You can also make green leaves to attach on the stem.

Paper Carnations

1. For our next flowers' instructions, you'll require―pink & white papers, 4 paper clips, red & purple markers, floral wire, floral tape, pencil, wire cutter, a jar lid, and scissors.

2. Stack the 2―3 pink papers together, and fold them in half, 3 times. Place the jar lid on top and draw a circle with the pencil.
3. Cut around the edges, and use both paper clips to secure. Follow the same steps for the white paper as well.

4. Now take red marker to color the edges of the pink papers, and the purple marker for white.
5. Take the paper clips off, and punch 2 holes in both papers, in the center; leave at least 1 inch space.

6. Insert pipe cleaners in one hole, and insert it again in the second hole. Crimp the pipe cleaner together.
7. For the petals, you need to separate each circle with one another, and wrinkle it a bit. Move in upward direction, starting from the center. Use your fingers to do so.
8. Follow the steps on all the petals of both pink and white carnations. As you work your way down towards the petals, make big petals so that the carnations look fuller.
If you make the flowers with more petals, then the flowers will look more fuller and bigger. Use as many different colors as you like to make these paper flowers.