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6 Brilliant Trash to Treasure Crafts - Let Nothing Go to Waste!

Shashank Nakate Apr 23, 2019
The various trash to treasure crafts projects explained here are easy to make and require material that is easily available in the house itself.
Converting trash items into craft works is a creative way to carry out effective recycling. Since the craft works are to be made from trash, the expenses are negligible or nil, and also the material required is not difficult to gather.
The art of craft making can teach us a lot more things than merely entertain us. Craft making acts as a medium of expression for children. It would be great if the crafts made by children include the trash items as raw material.
It would help in cleaning the house, surroundings, and ultimately the environment. Many of the trash items that we consider to be garbage could be converted into decorative and beautiful art works. Here is the information about such innovative craft ideas.

Trash to Treasure Crafts

Many of the items we throw as garbage could actually be used to create craft works. Let us have a look at a few things that can be prepared from trash.

CD Clock

A CD clock is easy to prepare and requires an old CD which can be converted to working clocks. An old CD should be painted with markers to create the design of a clock.
The numbers of the clock should be written on the sides and an actual clock could be used as a guide for this task. The parts of an old clock should be used to create the project. These clock works should be attached to the back of the CD with the help of a large washer commonly available in hardware stores.

Vignette Lanterns

Old jars available in the house could be used to make lanterns with various themes.
The popular themes like Christmas holidays could be used to make such lanterns. Seasonal themes along with these Christmas crafts are also popular for creating these craft works.

Ornamentals from Light Bulbs

Burnt out bulbs could be used for the creation of colorful ornamentals. The designing and decoration work could be completed by means of acrylic painting, colorful designs, and fabrics. To attach these fabrics, hot glue guns could be used. The motifs that are popularly used for such designs include reindeer, Santa Claus, angel designs, etc.

Fork Wind Chime

To create a fork wind chime, one would require 3 to 4 old forks. These forks should be straightened out by banging their tips. Holes should be drilled into the handles of these forks in order to attach them with wires.
These forks should then be attached to another structure; which could be a wire structure or any other decorative ornamental. The assembly of the forks acts as nice wind chime which creates lovely music.

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

It is very easy to make bird feeders from pines cones. The pine cones lying in the yard should be collected and wrapped up with pieces of yarn or twines. It helps in hanging the cones easily.
The next step in the process is to prepare a mixture of butter and peanut butter. It should be smeared over the pine cone before rolling the cone in the bird seeds. The cone should be placed in the freezer after being rolled properly. After about an hour, the cones are ready to be hanged.

Folk Art Aluminum Flowers

The material required includes old aluminum cans or bottles, scissors, steel wool, markers and an awl if necessary. The aluminum bottles should be cut properly with the help of scissors and smoothed thereafter. A marker is used to draw the design of a flower on the smoothed aluminum.
Steel wool should be used to cut the shape of flowers and for finishing the rough edges of the design. An awl could be used to curl the flower petals and for punching holes in the design if necessary. A metal rod is used for making the stem of the flower. One can create many such flowers and make a whole bouquet out of them.
Making crafts has always been a fun thing to do especially for children. The making of various handicrafts and crafts could be made eco-friendly if trash is used in making them. Thus, trash to treasure crafts are an interesting way to educate children about importance of conservation of nature, while doing something fun and interesting.