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Ultimate Ways to Reuse a Pizza Box - See to Believe

Ultimate Ways to Reuse a Pizza Box
Late-night snacks or game sessions, whatever be the occasion, ordering-in a pizza serves the purpose almost every time. Just think of the number of boxes that simply see the face of the recycle bin. The best part of these boxes is that they can be reused in various ways.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Did You Know?
Recycling plants reject pizza boxes that are soaked with oil and/or caked with cheese. Oil from the pizza is readily absorbed by the cardboard and interferes with the recycling process.
Beers and pizzas are the perfect companion for a gaming-session cum sleepover cum night-out for just about anyone, don't you think? It is the ultimate companion to satiate a hungry palette.

The question here is, what do you do with all the empty pizza boxes? Hand them over for recycling, probably. And what if the box is tarnished with grease and that extra bit of runny cheese which redeems it unfit for recycling? What next, dump it into the waste bin and forget about it. Now, imagine if just about every box ends up in the trash can, and all these boxes remain there for years together. For obvious reasons, our surroundings will get polluted and slowly, we will end up in an unfit environment.

One of the simplest ways to care for the environment and our surrounding is to diligently follow the 3 R mantra, i.e., to reuse, recycle, and reduce. The pizza box, for instance, is just perfect to get you started on this mantra. With the amount of take-away seen by the pizza industry, it is but natural that the number of pizza boxes seeing the insides of a trash can is seemingly high. Converting them into makeshift gaming consoles or laptop cases, used pizza boxes can be reused in various ways.
Customized Solar Oven
Solar power is the best possible way to go green and reduce your carbon print, don't you think? All you need to make your own solar-powered oven is, to use old pizza boxes and line their insides with aluminum foil, and cover the box with black construction paper. To ensure that the heat stays trapped inside the box, you can either use a Saran wrap or glass. The oven, once placed in the sun, is perfect to heat any kind of quick bites, and is good enough to melt cheese for hamburgers, heat hot dogs and burger patties.
Miniature Soccer Field
Who can keep the boys away from soccer? No one. Well, you will be more than glad to convert an old pizza box into a portable mini soccer field. How do you do that? Well, it is relatively simple. Draw goal posts at either ends and use tiny balls as soccer balls. Simple, ain't it? Well, you do need straws to push the ball into the goal post. It sure sounds like an evening of fun, blowing a tiny soccer ball, using straws, into the goal post.
Art Easel
Got kids at home, and want to teach them their first lessons in art? You'd think it would be a costly affair, investing in easels and the like; but help comes to you in the form of a pizza box. All you got to do is fold the pizza box to create an easel. Pin up plain paper on one side of the box, while supporting the other end with another spare pizza box, and voila! Your kid owns a personal art easel. You can use bottle caps to store smaller amounts of paint for your kids. It is entirely no fuss and easy to make.
Laptop Stand
Just as we all might love sitting for hours with the laptop on our laps, we all are aware of how hot it can get sometimes. To prevent your lap from feeling the heat after prolonged use of a laptop, you can consider using a stand that will not only hold your laptop, but will also allow you to maintain a proper posture while working or playing games on the laptop. All you need to do is turn the box inside out and fold to get an angled frame. Place your laptop on it and let your work begin.
Desk Organizer
Got a lot of stray paper, files, and bills adorning your desk? Worried that you will misplace them and then get fired? Fret no more; if you have two or more pizza boxes you can create a makeshift desk organizer. You just need to cut the top flap off the boxes, stack them together, and using the flaps of the boxes, create a larger outer covering for the shelves. Then, pull out the makeshift shelves and keep your files safe in them.
Jewelry box
Girls love their jewelry, and the best way to keep them from getting mixed and tangled, is to place them in individual boxes or trays. Obviously, pizza boxes come in various shapes and sizes, you can use them to individually store your pieces of jewelry, or make compartments in a single box and store multiple trinkets. Got a lot of hanging earrings? Simple hook them onto the box so that they do not get misplaced, and are much easier find.
School Projects
Pizza boxes are sturdy enough to house your child's science project. Use cut-outs of stars and planets to make a solar system, or use it as a project display to show biotic life. Besides, you can use it as a chalkboard when teaching your child his/her first alphabets, or as a scoreboard for a series of games. Name it, and you can put this humble pizza box to use.
Food Trays
Old pizza boxes are just the material you need to make an eco-friendly food tray. You can use colorful paper to prep up your tray, or simply paint different designs and shapes on it to give it a whole new look. They are sturdy enough to hold bowls of popcorn, or even side dishes for those innumerable backyard barbecue parties that you plan to have.
Kids Chair
Wondering how you will pull this off, eh? Firstly, you will need a whole lot of pizza boxes, along with a roll of duct tape. Stack the boxes and stick them with duct tape. Then make the arms of the chair in the similar fashion, and voila, you have a pizza box chair for your kid. Use colorful tapes to enhance the look of the chair.
Cut-out Dividers
Apart from all these uses, you can even use pizza boxes to create animal cut-outs to hang over your child's cradle or stick them in your kid's room. You can also use these cut-outs to create a curtained divider for decorating your interiors.
Candle Holders
The material of a pizza box is perfect for making candle holders. One box is sufficient to make numerous candle holders that will prevent the melting wax from burning your fingers and ruining your clothes.
When the creativity bug bites, there is no stopping of the ideas that will prompt you to come up with different uses for the same pizza box. Only remember to keep the box away from moisture, else, all that will be left is cardboard pulp.
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