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Vinyl Sticker Paper

Puja Lalwani Feb 8, 2019
Here's how you can use and print on vinyl sticker paper to indulge in various creative pursuits. Have a look.
As the name suggests, vinyl sticker paper is used to create stickers of different types, from stickers for scrapbooks to large stickers to be used as signs. Buying it will help you express your creative side and come up with some great ideas for whatever use you may want to put them to.


Such paper is usually available in stores that sell office supplies. These are printable and are available in white or as clear sticker paper. You can also find these at great prices online. Vinyl itself is a waterproof material that makes it easier to use in any environment. However, the resistance of its adhesive to water cannot be guaranteed.
Further, this sticker is available in both glossy and matte finishes, so depending on where and how you want to use them, you can make a choice between the two. It is important to note that the clear variety is not water resistant or waterproof, which is why it is important that it be laminated after it is printed upon. Here are some of its popular uses.
♦ It is used to create custom laptop skins, and skins for iPods and mobile phones.
♦ People use this paper to create bumper stickers for cars, to pass on a message or just as an indicator of their personality!
♦ These stickers can be printed on and stuck on plain tiles to bring them to life. You may then use these tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, or simply to create a piece of art with these.
♦ Students get very creative with their stickers and use them to personalize their files and folders used in schools and colleges.
♦ These stickers can be beautifully used as methods of appraising any kind of work a child does, as a gift. For instance, you could give your little one a princess sticker for having finished her homework!
♦ After printing, stickers are created for scrapbooks that make for some wonderful memories. These stickers can be personalized with images and messages.
♦ Even greeting cards may be created by using these stickers on them.
♦ People use these stickers to create unique toys for their kids, toys that may not be found with any other child, thereby making it extremely special.

♦ If you are into building models, you may use it to enhance your models.
♦ Photographs are printed on this versatile paper to be used in different ways.
♦ Vinyl paper is also used for wall decals to enhance the interiors of a given space. By purchasing a roll available in sizes and having it printed upon, unique designs can be created to personalize a room.
This paper is most typically available in A4 size as a self-adhesive sheet and are meant to be printed upon, and you can print almost any design you want. Depending on the quality of paper you have purchased, i.e., gloss, matte or clear, time required for the ink to dry may vary. At times, the ink may smudge slightly while printing, so you should be careful.
After the paper has been printed upon, use a sharp blade to cut out the design and use it anywhere. For clear paper, you do not need to cut out the design. This, of course, depends on the size of design and number of stickers you wish to make from one sheet. Also remember to apply a laminate sheet on the clear varieties to prevent them from spoiling easily.