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Creative Winter Crafts for Kids

Niharika Arya Oct 17, 2018
If you want your kid to indulge in something creative and interesting this season, then here are some winter crafts for kids which will help you for sure. Read on to know more...
Winter is the time of celebration and holidays. Children wait for this period as it brings long vacation. But sometimes due to the snowfall, children have to just stay back at home.
To make this period enjoyable and interesting make your child do some winter crafts. This will make them more creative and will help them to pass their days enjoying at home.

Easy Winter Crafts for Kids

There are few ideas and methods of preparing winter craft for kids which can make their winter vacations interesting and full of fun. The methods are very easy and the craft will be useful too.

Winter Crafts #1: Snowman

As we all know snowman and winter go together, people make snowman out of the snow and play with it. This is one of the best easy craft ideas for winter. Let's start with it.
Things Required
  • Sandwich sized plastic zip-lock bags
  • Cotton or tissue paper
  • Paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Tape
  • Fill the ziplock bags with cotton or tissue paper. Ziplock the bag and fold the two corners of the other side of ziplock. Staple both the corners.
  • Let your child draw the head, legs, and hands of the snow man.
  • Cut out the drawings.
  • Now place them at the right places on the plastic bag. You are ready with your snowman.

Winter Crafts #2: Winter Snow Scene

When the snowfalls you can just see snow all around. This effect can be generated through the simple craft in a fun ways. Just follow the given steps for this look.
Things Required
  • Hard big cardboard
  • Tea Box
  • Green and red colored construction paper
  • Cotton Balls
  • Glue
  • Markers
  • Scissors
  • Take a hard cardboard and put a thin layer of glue.
  • Now take the cotton balls and stick them on the surface of the cardboard completely.
  • Wait for 10 minutes so that it can dry. By the time take the tea box and with the help of glue, stick the construction paper on it.
  • Make doors, windows on the construction paper and put glue below the surface and stick it to the cardboard.
  • Now take the construction paper and fold it according to the roof of the house. Now put the glue and paste it on the house.
  • Paste some snowballs on the roof.
  • Now take the green construction paper and make them in shape of bushes.
  • Glue the bushes on the cardboard in front of the house and the other places and then stick some snow balls over the bushes.
  • Leave it to dry. You are ready with a winter snow scene.

Winter Crafts #3: Snowflakes

Whenever the snow falls you can see snowflakes covering the entire place. So let's find out how to make snowflakes easily and quickly.
You can make use of this easy craft by taping it on the window or doors or can just hang them on the Christmas tree.
Things Required
  • Clear Acetate sheet
  • Glitter glue
  • If your kid is very small then you will need a printout of snowflake design which he/she can use for tracing.
  • Take a clear acetate sheet and with the help of glitter glue draw snowflakes on it.
  • If your kid is too small then keep a printout of the snowflake below the acetate sheet and ask him/her to trace it.
  • Leave it to dry
  • As soon as it dries cut the edges according to the shape or just trim it.
  • Your snowflake is ready. You can either tape it on the window or just make a hole at one of the corner of the acetate and hang it on your Christmas tree.

Ideas for Simple Winter Crafts

Apart from the given winter crafts we have some more fun things to do in winter with which you can keep your kid busy in something creative.
  • Paper plate snowman
  • Snow tree
  • Paper bag fireplace
  • Pom Pom polar bear
  • Snowman Family
  • Stylish snow girls/boys
  • Paper penguin
  • Ice rink
  • Cotton ball snowman
  • Paper Santa
  • Socks Turtle
So, now you have a bunch of some of the easiest winter crafts for your kids to make. These ideas will help you for sure. So just gather all the things required and start with something creative.