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Wreath Ideas You Would Surely Love

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 26, 2018
Wreaths are the most beautiful way of decorating your door. So, we will give you some good wreath ideas.
Christmas decorations are certainly incomplete without a traditional Christmas wreath on your front door. In fact, the sweet, spicy aroma emanating from it lingers in the neighborhood, and that itself announces the onset of the holiday season. You can have this art for every simple or special occasion.

Summer Wreaths:

Summer is all about fun and enjoying the warm weather. The freshness in the air and the fragrance of flowers set in the mood for celebration. Needless to say, your wreath should reflect the flamboyance of the summer. Use fresh flowers that last for a long time. 
Grapevine ones made out of flowers, plant materials, and other natural ingredients is the best way to greet your guests during summer parties. Silk ones are also a good option for putting up on your door during summer, as they last for a lifetime. If you own a beach cabin where you spend vacations, consider using seashells.

Spring Wreaths:

Spring is the celebration of colors, so, the decorations are inspired by a variety of colors in nature.
Hence, go for colorful forms to adorn your front door in spring. Easter-inspired wreaths are big attractions in spring. Plastic easter eggs tied with paper bow and woven through a wire are ideal for Easter. Making is easy and interesting for kids. You may also use silk flowers that will last sufficiently long.

Floral Wreaths:

Use fresh flowers with a variety in colors, fragrance, size for decoration. Pick from an array of beautiful pieces.
Problem with these is that they do not last long. Make circlets of dried flowers and twigs and spray paint it with golden or silver. Golden wreath looks good on black doors with brass knobs.

Other Ideas:

Mostly, people prefer to buy ready-made ones from the supermarket or order them at florist. The result is that you often end up with the same piece as your next door neighbor.
For a unique and personal touch, try it yourself. Material required: wire, floral tape and artificial flowers that can be bought from a craft store. You may gift it to someone on a baby shower.
Make beautiful wreaths from the flowers in your garden or even from ingredients in your kitchen. Wreaths made from red and green chillies or dry spices and condiments will interest your visitors.
You may find several ideas for making these bands yourself, on the Internet. If making it yourself is not possible, decorate a ready-made one using ornaments or crafts made by your kid.