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Wreath Making Ideas

Wreath is the most important part of decorations of holidays and festive seasons. Here are some creative wreath making ideas to make an inexpensive wreath at home.
Mayuri Kulkarni Apr 19, 2019
Holiday decorations are fun, but you also have to spend a lot of money on them. Wreaths are an integral part of these decorations, and they look pleasant when hanged on the front doors, walls, or over a mantle.
These days, wreaths are not limited only to festive seasons. Many people are going for unique permanent wreaths in their homes as a part of interior d├ęcor. Making wreaths by yourself saves a lot of money and you can come up with some special customized ideas to prepare them.


The basic requirement to prepare a wreath is a ring-like structure that will hold the complete art. These base rings are made up of a variety of materials, like, wire, grapevine, styrofoam, straw ring, etc., all of which types are very easy to handle.
With its thin and sturdy wire rings, grapevine ring is considered to be the most easiest one to work with. You just need to glue the accessories over it and tie a bow to complete the wreath. You can also paint it or keep it natural.
Even wire rings and straw rings are easy to work with. You can pin, tie, or hang the accessories to wire rings to prepare the wreaths. Decide the type of ring depending upon the accessories that you will be using to prepare the wreath.

Pine Cone Wreath

This is a famous home decorating item, used especially during winters.
You will require pine cones of various shapes and sizes, pine boughs, wire, and white acrylic color to prepare this wreath.
The pine cones used should be dry. Open the pine cones and paint them with white acrylic color that is lustrous and shiny. The hue and the medium of the color used will help give a snowy look to the pine cones. Paint the open tips of the pine cones with this. After this, use pine boughs and place them at specific distance on the wire ring.
You can use artificial or fresh pine boughs as per your wish. After that, wire the colored pine cones at various places on the wreath. Tie a red colored bow at the bottom, and your pine cone wreath is ready to hang!

Ribbon Wreath

Ribbon wreaths are simple and easy to make, and require a very few accessories. To prepare this, all you require is a green florist ring and ribbons of different colors in various textures and widths.
While choosing the colors of the ribbons, see that you choose them in such a way that their combination looks good. Now, the first step in preparing this wreath is to take the ribbon with the dominating color and wrap the entire ring with this ribbon.
Use a hot glue to secure the ribbon on the ring. Later, use a ribbon with a color contrasting that of the previous ribbon, and wrap it on the ring in a twisted pattern. Continue in the same way with the remaining ribbons. Make variations in the wrapping, with some innovative ideas.
You can tie some small bows at specific intervals on the wreath. In the end, attach a large bow at the bottom. This completes your simple ribbon wreath.
You can visit a craft store and use your favorite craft item to include on your wreath. There are no rules in making this beautiful decorating item, and you can use any raw material and come up with a beautiful and elegant wreath.