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Here's How to Make a Dream Catcher in 5 Simple Steps

How to Make a Dream Catcher
Having bad dreams lately? Do away with them, with a simple dream catcher. Let CraftCue show you how to make your own dream catcher.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
As a matter of fact...
The Ojibwe tribe created dream catchers to help children deal with their nightmares.
As the Native Americans believe, the night air brings with it dreams that are both good and bad. The dream catcher swaying gently in the breeze catches these dreams as they flow by, and pass them to you.

The good dreams incidentally know how to find their way through the holes and land gently into the mind of the one sleeping below it. While, the bad dreams get filtered and find their way back into the night air. Sweet dreams are made of these, don't you think?

The dream catcher has been an important element of Native American culture for generations. By focusing your good thoughts into good dreams, a dream catcher might also help you sleep soundly.

A traditional dream catcher uses willow bark, grapevine or sinew. These can be rather tough to find, but plenty of modern alternatives are available. and is decorated using things found in everyday life. In all its simplicity, it is akin to a dream filter, safeguarding you from those ferocious dreams that hound you at night.
Things You Will Need
✦ Willow hoop or dried Grapevine
✦ Suede Lace or ribbon
✦ String
✦ Gemstones
✦ Beads
✦ Feather
Making the Dream Catcher
Step 1: Loop the Hoop
If you are using a dry willow or grapevine we suggest placing it into a bowl of warm water for 15 minutes. This will ensure the vine does not break while making the dream catcher. Once it is supple, twist the vine to form a circular frame. Twist the ends together, so that it does not open up. Place a weight/book over the loop so that it dries out flat.
Loop the willow
Step 2: Wrap it up
Once the hoop is dry, cover the entire hoop with suede lace or ribbon. To wrap the hoop, feel free to use a ribbon in a color of your choice. Use glue to ensure the covering is in place. Make sure that suede does not overlap, but rests adjacent to the previous loop. Once you have the entire hoop covered, make a hanging loop and cut off the extra lace/ribbon.
Prepare the base
Step 3: Making the Foundation for the Web
You start by tying a knot at the base of the hanging loop that you just finished. Work your way in a clockwise manner to create a loop. Tie a loop knot as shown. Space out the knots at equal distance from each other. You should ideally get 8 knots in the first round. This is the base for the next round of web that you have to create.
Catch the midpoint
Step 4: Weaving and Decorating the Web
Once you have the basic shape of the web in hand, start weaving the second layer. Ensure that the knots of the second layer are at the exact center of the earlier knots. This just means you have to weave your way through to tie a knot at every midpoint of the previous loop. You can pass the string through a bead and then tie a knot. Although not entirely essential, you beads lend a charm to the dream catcher that make it hard to miss. Stop weaving the web when you have a tiny circle in the middle. Secure the string to the web in a final stitch, pull tightly and cut off the remaining string.
Create a web
Step 5: Add the Hanging Feather
Last but not the least, do not forget to attach a feather to the hoop. The feather has to be directly opposite the hanging loop. Secure it in place with string or ribbon and snip off the remainder ribbon. Your dream catcher is ready to be hung by your window near your bed.
Add the beads
Dream catcher hanging on wall
Traditional dream catcher
Dream catcher with red feathers
Fast Facts About the Dream Catcher
★ Every element used to make the dream catcher has a significance.
★ A single bead in the center represents a spider on its web.
★ Scattered beads represent good dreams caught throughout the night.
★ A feather represents a breath of air.
★ An owl's feather stands for wisdom, while that of an eagle stands for courage.
Do remember to keep the material as natural as possible. Use wooden beads to decorate the dream catcher instead of the plastic variety that is easily available in the market. Lastly, remember to hang it in a place that will not obstruct it from swaying and witnessing the light of day. Wish you the sweetest dreams after you have put up your dream catcher.
Dream Catcher Handmade
Beige Brown Dream Catcher
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Dream Catcher On Wall
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Dream Catcher
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