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How to Make Cute and Fancy Paper Bags in Just 6 Simple Steps

How to Make Paper Bags
Paper bags are environment-friendly, reusable, and if we may add, extremely cute to look at. This CraftCue post teaches you to make your own paper bag in some rather easy-to-execute steps.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
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Go fancy!
Instead of wrapping your gifts in paper, insert them in a cutesy-looking paper bag. This way, the recipient won't have to rip out the gift, and also has the option of reusing it.
Paper bags have always been associated with the mundane task of grocery shopping. But they also have a glamorous side to them, especially when you spot the characteristic blue paper bag from Tiffany's, or even the flaming orange one by Hermès.

But let's face it, paper bags are the need of the hour, with humanity notching up multiple crimes against the environment. Therefore, we're including an easy tutorial which will help you make a lovely paper bag in the comfort of your home, with minimal efforts and resources.
Simple Paper Bag
Here's what you'll need:
  • Colored craft paper, 1 sheet
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue
  • Hole punch
  • Sisal rope/ribbon
  • An empty box or a book
Material needed for paper bag
Be sure of what you're going to be using the bag for. In case it's a gift, include the box or the item in the list of requirements. This way, you get a proper estimate of how big you want the bag to be.
Step 1
1st step to make a paper bag
Cut the sheet of craft paper, considering your requirement. It should be shaped like a rectangle. Place it length-wise on a flat surface.
Step 2
2nd step to make a paper bag
Fold the top edge by 1 inch. Crease it and glue it. This will be the bottom of your bag.
Step 3
3rd step to make a paper bag
Place the box or book in the center of the sheet, about an inch above the glued fold. There should be even lengths of paper on the right and left side of the box.
Step 4
4th step to make a paper bag
Now, bring both sides of the paper together, as if to wrap the box within. Do not bind the box too tightly―remember, you are making a bag, and not wrapping the box. Place the right side over the left by about an inch. Glue these two sides length-wise in a straight line. You'll now have a long box-like shape that's open at both ends.
Step 5
5th step to make a paper bag
You now need to seal the bottom to create the base. Fold the paper over the bottom end as if you are wrapping the box. Crease the corners, fold them, and glue them shut. Run your fingers down each edge of the box to crease the bag's corners. Remove the box, and let the glue dry completely.
Step 6
Homemade paper bag
Your bag is almost ready! You just need to punch 2 holes on the open end on each side. Ensure symmetry while you're doing it. String a ribbon or sisal rope through the holes to make handles, and your bag is ready to be used.
A few tips...
  • You can make use of fancy papers to make a lovely gift bag. Just ensure that the paper you use is thick enough to carry the weight of its contents.
  • Likewise, you can make paper bags out of old newspapers or brown paper as well. While using newspapers, you can glue about 5 to 6 sheets together to make it into a thick sheet to increase its durability.
  • You can make gift bags more interesting by gluing bows or picture cut-outs on them.
  • If you're good at crafts, you can even make 3D designs on the outside to make your bag fancier.