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Origami Flower Instructions

Step-by-step Instructions for Making Lovely Origami Flowers

Flowers are a symbol of love and concern. Presenting your loved one with a bouquet of origami flowers will ensure the flowers don't wilt away like the real ones. Make your own bouquet with these simple instructions.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Mar 1, 2018
Beautiful, intricate and so much like reality, origami allows you to create flowers that can be used for decorative purposes. Unlike the regular technique of origami, making Kusudama flowers involves bunching or pasting individual units together to form a single unit. We have used the two most famous techniques employed in the craft of origami to present two unique flowers.
Making a Kusudama Flower
Cut a regular paper into 6 equal squares
Bring the diagonal ends together to form a triangle
Bring the edge towards the center
Repeat on other side
Open to reveal the creases
Fold on crease to form a kite base at the edge
Repeat step 4a on other side
Bend the tips forward
Crease at the bend
Fold the edges inside
It will look like this
Crease at the fold to make it stay
Pinch the ends together like this
Apply glue to the inner side of the pinched edge
Stick the two ends together
You now have a petal
Similarly prepare the other petals
On the outer side of the petal apply glue
Stick two petals together like shown
Repeat till all petals are in place
Hold for a minute to allow it to stay
Making a Lily
Step 1: Take a square piece of paper. To get a square piece, bring an edge inside, till you have a fold running diagonally. Cut off the vertical strip of paper from the bottom to get a square. Make the triangle fold to get creases running diagonally.
Step 2: Fold the paper vertically and horizontally to reveal creases. Your paper should have 8 equal triangles formed on the inner side.
Step 3: Fold the paper horizontally and crease well. Holding it at the center, fold the edge inside to get a triangle.
Step 4: Lift the flap and fold it over the other end like shown in 4a and 4b. You should be able to see the flaps like in 4c.
Step 5: Bring the edges of the triangle inside towards the center. Open and flatten the creases to form a kite base. Turn it over and repeat the procedure.
Step 6: Lift the side flap and fold it to form a diamond shape. Repeat on the other sides as well to get four interconnected kite shape like in 6e. To avoid confusion, do one end, flip the paper over and do the opposite side. Then lift the flap and repeat on the other two sides.
Step 7: After you get a diamond/kite shape, you need to fold the edges of the broader side inside. Get the edges towards the center as shown in 7a, crease and repeat on the other side. Repeat the procedure on all sides of paper.
Step 8: Lift each flap as shown in 8a. Ensure that all the sides are neatly folded. Flatten the flaps to get a kite base again.
Step 9: Open up the flaps that you just made so that the creases are visible.
Step 10: Bring the broader end towards the narrow end so that you get a cut diamond shape. Open and bring the edges towards the center so that you have a smaller kite base. Repeat on the other side. Your paper will now have two kite bases, one over the other like in 10d.
Step 11: Repeat step 10 on all four flaps
Step 12: Fold the broader end of the topmost flap backwards to get a crease. Repeat on all sides.
Step 13: Bring the edges towards the center once again.
Step 14: Crease the folds well, open up the flaps and use a pen/pencil to roll the edges outwards to form the full bloomed petals.
Step 15: Your lily will look like this.
Origami is an art that can be mastered with a lot of practice and concentration. Kids surely enjoy the paper craft as it is always interesting to see new designs. Hope you will try these origami flower instructions to make beautiful origami flowers.
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