Paper Snowflake Patterns

The different procedures of making paper snowflake patterns are mentioned in this article. I am sure children will enjoy indulging in this craft project that needs only paper and scissors.
CraftCue Staff
"The wonder of a single snowflake outweighs the wisdom of a million meteorologists." - Francis Bacon
Snowflake patterns are one of the easiest crafts for children to make. Many designs of snowflakes can be created by proper folding and cutting of papers at the right places. The instructions provided below would help children in making different snowflake patterns out of paper which they will love to show others. This art project only requires white papers and scissors. The basic instructions to make snowflakes and information about different patterns of this paper craft is presented in the following paragraphs.
Different Patterns
Snowflake Designs
Eight-sided Snowflakes
These snowflakes are made by cutting a paper in a circular shape. The following instructions would prove to be helpful.
  1. The circular paper should be folded in half and then into a quarter.
  2. The quarter circle should finally be folded into its eighth part.
  3. This shape almost appears conical. One can cut this paper into different patterns and shapes to make a variety of designs which are mentioned below in brief.
  4. The animal-shaped snowflake patterns are created by cutting the folded shape into animal designs, like rabbit-ears and many other shapes.
Flower Pattern
The flower pattern is simply created by cutting the paper in shapes of petals. One could choose any of the basic folding patterns mentioned above. For eight-sided snowflake folds, one should cut out petal-shaped patterns on the sides.
Star Pattern
The star pattern is also easy to make. Unlike the previously mentioned flower pattern, it requires more spikes and sharp cuts. Any of the basic methods mentioned above can be used.
Hexagonal 6 Point Patterns
The paper to be used in creating this pattern has to be cut in a hexagonal shape. The paper should be folded diagonally thrice. After the completion of 3 folds, one should be able to see a triangular folded piece of paper. This folded paper can be cut into various shapes. One can create flower and star shapes too, with this pattern.
Instructions for Creating Patterns of Paper Snowflake
  1. To make a basic snowflake pattern, one would require a square-shaped paper.
  2. The paper should be folded diagonally to form a triangle. It should again be folded to form a smaller triangle.
  3. After making these two folds, you will be left with a triangular shape with one long side and two short ones. The next step needs to be understood properly.
  4. In this step, the longer side of the triangle should be held at top and the apex of the triangle (bottom point) below it; in short, the paper should be held upside down. The right corner of triangle should be folded, and its side aligned with the middle line. After this fold, the right corner sticks out directly above the bottom point of triangle.
  5. The left corner should be folded in a similar manner. The left and right hand folds result in a shape that has two edges sticking out of the main body of the paper triangle that is formed.
  6. The 2 edges that are sticking out need to be cut with the scissor. It results into the formation of a small triangle. This triangle is cut/shaped with the help of scissors to create various patterns.
  7. One can cut different shapes, like swirls, spikes, etc., to create magnificent effects. Make sure that the shapes that are cut out of paper are well spaced from each other.
  8. Care should be taken to see that edges of this triangle remain intact. In short, leave as much margin as is possible to prevent the whole snowflake from falling apart.
Various paper snowflake patterns can be made with the help of the easy-to-understand instructions provided above. There is no limit as to how many patterns one can create in the form of snowflakes. Just like a kaleidoscope reveals innumerable designs and shapes after it is tilted from side-to-side, snowflake patterns can be numerous in a similar manner. One can experiment a lot in the process of making snowflakes. This activity can thus be a nice pastime for children during vacations.