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Paw Print Clip Art

Awesomely Cute Paw Print Clip Art Designs You'll Instantly Love

You can use cute paw prints on t-shirts, cards, bedsheets, fliers, etc. and create your own unique design. Check out some amazing clip arts in this write-up.
Pragya T
Last Updated: Mar 17, 2018
Whether it is to decorate your beloved pet's house, or just to showcase your animal love on you t-shirt or walls, paw prints make interesting design options. Paw prints are easy-to-create designs, which look very cute, and have versatile uses. There are many free pictures and different designs, that you can find online.
You can use these paw print pictures for various purposes. You can create black and white or colorful clip art, and add some text or quotes to it. You can print these on your pillow cases or bedsheets. A simple plain white T-shirt will instantly look cool with some colorful prints to it. You can even use them on a card or photo frame for your dog lover friend. Well folks, the possibilities are endless, so get creative! Here are some samples for you.
Black and White Border Art
Animal Pattern Of Paw Footprint
Border Paw Prints On White Background
The first picture, as you can see, has a border made with dog paws and bones. Second picture has different paws covering sides of the frame.
Clip Art in Color
Here are multicolor cute paw print clip art designs. You can use such pictures for various purposes. If you are making your website based on a dog theme, then you can use a paw as a button, or simple designs with a fade effect as a background face. You can also use such designs to create some funky t-shirts.
Colorful Paws
Dog Paw Print Vector Seamless Pattern
Cat & Other Animals
You can find paw prints of many animals like puma, wolf, moose, bear, bison, lynx, brown bear, raccoon dog, badger, otter, leopard, and of course cat, in this section. If you wish to create such designs using your palms, to make your very own prints, then dip your hands in paint, and stamp your palms on paper or cloth. You can play around with colors for added effect.
Different Footprints Of Birds And Animals
Animal Footprint Watercolor Frame
Cute Trail Clip Arts
Here are two black and white clip arts showing trails of a dog and cat.
Dog paws print
Black and White with Text
And, finally here are two paw print clip arts with some text in them. One saying 'Dogs, cats, pets' and one with 'I Love Animals.' You can also do such text and paw print designs, and paint it on your pet's house.
Animal Footprint Icon Illustration Design
Paw With Claws
We hope you liked the above designs. So, use them, and create some awesome stuff. Enjoy!