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Time to Get Crafty With These 18 Amazing Bobby Pin Craft Ideas

18 Amazing Bobby Pin Crafts
Bobby pins can be used in various ways to create innumerable decorative accessories! One of the simplest methods is to glue/string artificial gems and pearls on bobby pins and create the most beautiful embellishments ever! You can use them as hair accessories as well as decorative pieces for myriad other crafts!
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Last Updated: Aug 6, 2017
Bobby pin nail art
Use bobby pins to create attractive nail art designs.
Ornate Accessories
Bobby pin butterflies
Slip gold/silver/colorful pins onto the hook of jeweled butterfly accessories.
Bobby pin flowers
Pick up delicate floral embellishments and slip them onto the bobby pins. Use them in artificial vase decor or pin them on your hair for a spectacular summer cocktail party look.
Bobby pin stars
Use glittery stars from Christmas decor and clip them onto these pins. Make sure to paint the pin in exactly the same color as the stars. You can stick them on cards, foam sponges, and more! Or just pin them into your hair and make a shimmering style statement!
Bobby pin hearts
Pin heart-shaped gemstones onto bobby pins and make lovely gift accessories for Valentine's Day and similar occasions. Attach them in such a way that you can use the final accessory with ease, for instance, you should be able to pin it efficiently on your hair.
Bobby pin decorative pieces
Check out these lovely pieces! Paint your bobby pins in sparkling colors and slip each of these into them. You can use them in a variety of ways!
Bobby Pin Jewelry
Bobby pin necklace
Paint bobby pins with glitter paint and let them dry. Glue them together from the closed end (optional) and then pass a string/thin wire through them to create a lovely necklace!
Bobby pin pendants
Collect gemstones and glue them onto the bobby pin. Pass a thread or fine pendant chain through the open end and voila! You have a gorgeous pendant! You could also use glitter buttons and pass the pin through them, then pass a string through.
Bobby pin bracelets
Use a wristband (something akin to a hospital band) or an elastic hair band. Clip colorful pins onto the band, using as many embellishments as you like. Your bracelet is ready!
Bobby pin danglers
Clip bobby pins onto a card and paint them in the shades of your choice. Use glitter paint, nail paint, textured designs, etc. After they dry, pass earring hooks through the open end and voila! You have lovely danglers of various shapes and colors!
Bobby pin studs
Clip bobby pins onto a card and paint them in glitter shades. Glue/pin brooches, buttons, and gemstones onto the pins, attach earring hooks with/without rubber supports, and you'll have stud-style earrings ready! You could use a variety of stones instead of just one. Pair these with the right outfits.
Crafty Uses of Bobby Pins
Bobby pin cards
Glue flower/butterfly/heart-shaped stones/cut-outs onto colored bobby pins and clip them onto slit card paper to make attractive cards for every occasion. Cut heart shapes out of thick cardboard, paint them in sparkling colors, and attach them to the pins with hot glue to create cards for Valentine's Day!
Bobby pin art
Slip the pins one into the other, or glue them individually on cardboard sheets in attractive patterns. You could also sew a plain white crochet onto a card sheet and merely slip colorful metallic pins onto the pattern.
Bobby pin frames
Glue sequins and stones on colored bobby pins. Slit the card sheet and slip it onto an old frame. Clip the embellished bobby pins onto the different slits, creating attractive patterns. The exterior of the frame can be decorated with colored bobby pins too.
Bobby pin buttons
Use a variety of buttons to create attractive designs that can be used as individual decorative accessories.
Bobby pin clay art
Mold clay in various shapes and secure them with bobby pins. Use the pins on cards, as artificial flowers, and many other pieces of decor. You could also mold a ball of clay, clip origami flowers on bobby pins, and pierce them into the clay ball. You have an attractive piece of adornment within a matter of minutes.
Bobby pin crochet
Pin crochet patterns on bobby pins and use them as hair accessories and other decorative material.