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10 Unbelievably Creative Things to Do With Post-it Notes

10 Creative Things to Do with Post-it Notes
Thanks to these bright-yellow sticky squares, we get to write down our 'To Do' lists, which makes our day progress as planned. However, there are ample other creative things to do with post-its, like this wall clock, where you can put your creativity to good use.
Rujuta Patil
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Post-it Note Boxes
Post-it note boxes
Folding and forming various shapes is one of the best creative uses for post-its. It could be a box, a small rectangular container, or a tiny trolley to don a toy truck.
Sticky Notes Garland/Braid
Try using the small and long strips of post-it notes to create a pretty garland. You can easily stick them onto each other and create a colorful pattern. Or, weave three different colored-strips and form a braid.
Post-it on the Glass
Post-it notes Pacman
This creative idea with post-it notes will surely be a pleasant reminder of the Pac-Man loved by all. Easy to create, you can also play around with its shape, add black eyes and nose, to make it more lively.
Collage from Post-it Notes
Post-it notes wall of love
Choose a theme and fill up any of your walls at the office or at home with a vibrant collage made from sticky notes. Ask everyone to leave a message for their loved ones in words, symbols, cartoons, and in as many colors as they can, to make a wall of love.
Fridge Art with Post-it Notes
If you want to go beyond the tiny fridge magnets to make your fridge look like a piece of exquisite art, fill it with post-its. Take a shape, character, image, or anything you like, and create a replica of that on the fridge door using sticky notes.
Hide the Office Space in Post-its
Post-it notes on office walls and desk
As funny as it may sound, but this is one of the craziest creative things to do with post-its. Pick a color, and just go about covering each and every inch of the wall, desk, or shelf with the same colored notes.
Sticky Notes Lantern and Lampshade
For those who fancy beautiful paper lanterns, this is a great idea to get craftsy with post-it notes, to make a really cool lantern or a lampshade. Layering and patchwork is what will add to the beauty of the shapes of the lantern.
Post-it Note Superheroes
Post-it notes Batman
Let the world know how big a fan you are of your favorite superhero. Plan it out and craft it with detail. You will have to chop off the post-it notes quite meticulously to get that perfect imagery onto a wall. But of course, you wouldn't mind all the effort, would you?
Post-it Notes Photo Frame
Stick bright-yellow and orange post-it notes around any of your pictures to create a photo frame for the picture. It can be a single-color or multi-color arrangement. Another creative idea is to use smaller post-it strips in a crisscross manner as a border to the frame.
Post-it Notes Dress
Post-it notes Dress
If you really love your sticky notes very much, why not make a dress out of them? Lighter shades of post-it notes will look better as the base color, to which you can add some dark-colored decorative items.
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