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Decorative Border Designs

Amazingly Stunning Decorative Border Designs You'll Surely Love

Decorative borders are a great way of breaking the monotony of any surface. This article gives some great ideas for wallpaper and document borders, takes you through the steps of creating your own wallpaper border, and lists ways you can get a document border online.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Apr 27, 2018
Borders instantly perk up the appearance of any surface. From documents to wallpapers to flooring, borders are used everywhere. Their main purpose is to break the monotony that comes with a plain surface. Moreover, they also allow you to stamp your personal style on the surface. Hiring a professional designer to create a border for you is an option you can implement, but then you will miss out on all the fun that you would have had by creating it yourself.
For Wallpapers
A wall adorned with plain wallpaper looks pretty dull. The large surface covered in a single color gives a clichéd appearance to the room. Thus, contrasting wallpaper borders can add a lot of character to the unglamorous room. If you are planning to do the project on your own, start looking for interesting designs in home décor magazines, catalogs, or even on websites. Decide the height of the border by measuring the total height of the wall. If you have a scanner at home, scan the pattern on your computer. Now, using a graphic designer tool, edit the pattern according to your dimensions.

If you experience any problem with this particular step, then take your design to a copy shop. You can get the copy of your template according to your dimensions. Now, cut the paper along the lines of the pattern very carefully. Transfer it onto the contrasting wallpaper of your choice. Draw faint lines along the pattern on the wallpaper itself. Cut the wallpaper according to the template. Usually, scalloped borders look better than straight edged ones, hence do not hesitate to experiment with the edges of a wallpaper border. Your border is ready to hang.
Wallpaper Border Designs
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wall paper border
pink wall flower
green design wall
green wall with flower
playroom with wall
For Documents
Certain documents look better with borders than without them. These include certificates of honor or excellence, invitations, etc. A border highlights the purpose of the document and gives it a very distinct look. There are a number of patterns available online. On some websites, you can get a good selection of interesting page borders, which you can print for free. If you want one for a particular business document, then you could benefit from websites which specialize in business document borders. Many professionals share the borders of their business documents on these websites for you to print. Depending upon your individual business purpose, you can browse the patterns from categories such as legal, tax, entertainment, travel, education, etc.

If you have a particular design in mind, then you can get it customized from certain other websites. These websites offer customized borders by charging a minimal fee. The borders provided by them are elegant and unique. If you want to design one for certificates or other such documents, then perhaps you should try websites with a good collection of classic borders with a Medieval or Renaissance effect. However, these patterns do not come for free. Alternatively, you can also design your own fancy borders using a graphic designing tool. Word processing programs like Microsoft Word offer simple borders for official documents. Other word processing programs may allow you to choose from their collections clip art directories.
Document Border Designs
border design 1
border design 2
border design 3
border design 4
border design 5
border design 6
border design 7
border design 8
border design 9
border design 10
border design 11
border design 12
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While selecting borders for documents, you must consider the nature of the document. Flashy, bold patterns should be saved for informal documents, whereas elegant ones look apt for formal documents. Similarly, while designing borders for wallpaper, you must consider the decor of the rest of the room.
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Bedroom in Purple Colors with Sun Rays on the Wall
Modern bedroom interior.