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A Detailed Step-by-step Guide on How to Make Stylish Fabric Roses

How to Make Fabric Roses
Want to give your plain blouse or dress a bit of flair? Then why not embellish it with fabric roses? In this article we are going to discuss DIY fabric roses that you can use to give your apparel and accessories a new look.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
It is any woman's dream to overhaul her old wardrobe and make it look modern and chic. But it is not always financially viable to keep on changing your wardrobe every month. So the next best thing to do is to give your existing wardrobe a makeover by using different kinds of embellishments. One such embellishment is fabric roses. Fabric roses can be made with a variety of fabrics, and it can be fashioned in a number of ways. These can be used for making corsage, belts and brooches and to embellish tops and dresses. They can also be used for making statement necklaces and hair accessories.
Fabric roses can instantly brighten even the dullest of outfits and give your clothes and accessories a wow factor. Making fabric roses is not a difficult task, and all you need to make the perfect fabric rose is the right fabric and some basic sewing skills. If you are interested in making beautiful roses out of fabric, then given below are some easy projects.
Making Fabric Roses
How to Make Organza Fabric Roses
Fabric Rose
Things required
  • ½ yard of ivory colored organza
  • ½ yard of rose-colored organza
  • Small white beads
  • Pair of scissors
  • Candle
  • Needle
  • Transparent thread
  • Fabric glue

To make organza roses, first cut the ivory and rose-colored organza fabric into round shapes that are about 3-4 inches in diameter. You will need 3-5 pieces of round organza pieces in both colors. For more realistic looking roses, cut the organza pieces in decreasing diameter, from 5 inches to 2 inches. Once you are done cutting your fabric, singe the edges of the fabric pieces by holding them over a candle flame. The organza pieces will instantly curl up and this is what you are aiming for. When you have singed all the fabric in this way, assemble the organza pieces together by layering the smaller pieces over the bigger one. Now stitch all the layers of the organza pieces together (assemble both rose and ivory organza alternately) at the center by using a needle and thread. Dab a bit of glue on two to three beads and place them at the center of the rose to hide the stitches. Your organza rose is ready!
How to Make Satin Fabric Roses
Things required
  • ½ yard of satin fabric (in a color of your choice)
  • Fabric glue
  • Pair of scissors
  • Pins

To make fabric roses out of satin, first cut the fabric into 14 inch long strips with a width of 2-3 inches. Fold one of the ends of this satin strip and then fold the strip lengthwise. Now stitch the folded strip of fabric along the seam. Once you are done, start pleating the satin fabric in such a way that the pleats are of the same width. Apply a bit of glue in between the pleats to hold the pleats in place. To hold the pleats in place, secure them with pins. Remove the pins once the glue is dry and the pleats are in place. Now start rolling the fabric strip from one edge till you reach the other edge. Apply a bit of fabric glue to the end of the strip and secure it to the fabric rose. Your satin fabric rose is done! You can make more satin roses like these and sew them on blouses or dresses. You can make roses out of ribbons too. Read this CraftCue article to know how to make ribbon roses.
These were two DIY projects on fabric roses. Making fabric roses is a lot of fun and you can use them in different ways. By using different types of fabrics as well as different prints and designs of fabric, you can come up with some truly stunning roses. Use them in hair accessories, in belts or in brooches and see how you can pull off a stylish and chic look.
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