How to Make Flowers Out of Porcelain Clay

Making cold porcelain clay flowers is easy and requires very little preparation. Read this following article to learn how you can make some gorgeous-looking porcelain clay flowers...
What is cold porcelain clay? It is a flexible mixture which can be molded in various shapes and designs. It is used for various craft projects to make flower petals, leaves, dolls, pendants, etc. Cold porcelain is nothing like the real porcelain, because as after the mixture is prepared, you don't need heat to conform the clay into various molds. This craft project is relaxing, and by the end of it, you would've made some wonderful items. So if you are beginning to work with cold porcelain clay or already know how it is supposed to be handled, this article will give you instructions on how different cold porcelain flowers can be made. Take a look.
Steps to Make the Flowers
As you read the following steps, you will see how easy it is to get started. All you have to do is follow the steps as mentioned below, gather the ingredients, and finish the work. Take a look.
Step #1 - Make the Cold Porcelain Clay Recipe
Before you begin, it is important to know the correct recipe, because without it, you won't have anything to work with. Also, always keep the final clay mixture in an air-tight container, because we don't want the clay to dry out quickly. The elasticity of the clay doesn't remain, once dried. Now what you need is the correct recipe to prepare the cold porcelain clay. Here's a Buzzle article on cold porcelain clay you can read. As you follow the recipe mentioned in the article, don't add any oil paint color, because we need different colors for the flower petals and leaves.
Step #2 - Make Three Rolls of Clay Mixture
Since we're making flowers, using array of colors is wise. As it is, the leaves are going to be green, so add a few drops of green acrylic or oil paint into one ball of clay. Depending on how dark or light you want the leaves to be, add that many drops of paint. Knead the mixture with your fingers and palms of your hands, till the clay is smooth and doesn't stick to your hands.
Now depending on what flowers you want to make (roses, water lilies, apple blossoms, or daisies), we need to add the appropriate colors to the other two clay balls. The choice of colors really is up to you and what colors make you happy. Choose white, red, yellow, pink, or even purple colored flower petals. Similar to the green clay ball, knead the other two clay balls as well.
Step #3 - Get Flower & Leaf Cutters
In various craft stores, you will find various flower and leaf cutters available in different sizes. As each flower has specific shapes for the petals and leaves, it would be better that you use the cutters to get the exact design. Or, if you can mold the clay into the shape of petals, why not try doing it on your own. Take a small piece from one of the clay mixtures and flatten it with your fingers. If you're making rose petals, you can use your fingers to shape the clay to take its form. While molding the clay into flower petals and leaves, rub cold cream in your palms. This way, cold porcelain clay won't stick to your fingers while working. Apart from that, you can also get clear flower candy molds. All you have to do here is apply some cold cream in each mold and press a small amount of clay inside it. Use your fingertips to press the clay all the way in so there is no empty gaps left. After the clay dries completely, the final size of the flower would've decreased just a bit; and out comes your porcelain clay flower.
Step #4 - The Final Stage...
Once the leaves and petals are ready, we can start making the flower as a whole. The size of the petals and leaves can be large or small, depending on you. Use a covered floral wire and dip it into tacky glue. Empty a small amount of crystal snow (available in craft stores) in a small bowl and dip the glue part of the wire in it. The crystal snow part is not that important, but it just adds a bit of sparkle to the flowers. After this, you can either loop the leaves or the flower petals onto the wire first. Stick each layer properly so that it resembles a blossoming flower.
In the end of it all, you need to let the flowers dry completely before you do anything else with them. Another cool thing about making cold porcelain clay flowers, besides the fact they make a wonderful decoration in your home, is that you can paint them after they've dried properly. Use a thin brush, dip it in your choice of colors, and paint the flower petals and leaves to make them more defined. So... wasn't this fun!? Do let us know which flowers you guys made. We'd love to hear from you.
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