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Want to Know How to Make a Smash Book from Scratch? Read This

How to Make a Smash Book from Scratch
A smash book is something that is similar to a journal or a scrapbook and is a great way to store the varied elements and memories of your life in. We will provide you with the basic steps and instructions of how to make your own smash book.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
To Save Some Time
There are many companies that offer smash book kits. These have all the essentials like the book, the decoration supplies like glitter and marker pens, stickers, and other decoration items.
Memories are special and memories demand re-living from time to time. Which is sort of the basic idea behind creating a smash book. It is a collection of all the memories, things close to your heart, photos, quotes, lessons you've learned, things that inspire you, things you do―basically, elements from your everyday life and the life gone by that define you. It need not necessarily be anything deep either ... it could simply be a fun way of stashing all the memories in one place instead of storing them in a drawer―after all, it is much easier to re-live these memories when they are not stuck in a drawer.

A smash book is like a journal or a scrapbook, except, it has no fixed parameters for piecing your life in it. It does not follow a fixed pattern or bring in a limited number of pages for you to work with... which is where lies its pure genius. Because there is no fixed pattern, you can make your own smash book into whatever you want and however you wish to want it. In this CraftCue article, we will tell you exactly how to go about making a smash journal by providing you with the instructions and a whole lot of ideas for the same.
Making a Smash Book
Things You Will Need
smash book
• Thick paper
• Cardboard paper
• Binder rings
• Paper punch
• Markers
• Glue
• Tape
• Colored pens/Glitter pens
• Scissors
• Construction paper
• Crepe paper
• Other decorations
For the Content
• Photographs
• Cut-outs from magazines
• Movie stubs
• Stickers
• Any other memorabilia
smash book instructions
► Decide upon the size of your smash book and buy ready sheets of thick paper accordingly.

► Next, choose the kind of cardboard paper you want―the color and the texture.

► Make sure that you use a slightly bigger-sized cardboard paper to make the front and back cover. This will not only make the book more sturdy and help to accommodate any decorations that go beyond the sheets placed inside, but will also help to better protect the sheets from wear and tear.

► Use a paper punch to punch holes into a sheet of paper. Use this sheet as a reference, placing other sheets under it and punching these as well. The same goes for the cardboard covers too.

► Once the sheets have been punched, use a binder ring and take it through the punched holes to secure the sheets together. The skeleton of your book is now ready.

► Once the book is ready, you can start decorating it the way you like.

► To start off with, you can use a construction or cardboard paper to cut out your name or a favorite quote and stick it on the cover.

► Take varied magazine pages or crepe paper (for example) to make a base for your smash book pages. Because it is not a fixed design, you don't have to follow a pattern. Each page can have a pattern and quirk of its own―completely different from the first.

► Your smash book can be a mix of a diary and a photo album. Write about important events, dates, functions, movie reviews, and then stick movie stubs and photos, along with other memorabilia onto the pages. Once these are done, stick magazine pictures, stickers, and other elements onto the pages to make the pages stand out. Make liberal use of markers and pens to write comments and add color.

► There are varied types of smash books. People turn these into diaries, but instead of using an entire page to relate the day's events, they make small slots for each entry and write down a small snippet of the day, then decorate it with other related elements.

► There are exclusive travel smash books which are made as well; these are used to highlight the varied travel expeditions that are undertaken. The elements that are used for the decoration will then change accordingly.

► Another great idea to use is to make small envelopes with paper and stick these in the book. These are then used as pockets to store photographs in.

► You can also divide the book into different sections like photos, or greeting cards, quotes and poems, and then use small post-it notes to mark the different sections.
Here's How It Will Look
smash book cover
The cover of your smash book
camera collage for smash book
A page of your day out with the first camera you ever bought
travel collage for smash book
A page from your trip to the beach with the kids
movie stubs for smash book
A page of all the movie and concert memories that you collected over the years
field collage for smash book
A page from your day spent lazing in the fields
With so many ideas to do your bidding, aren't you simply excited to start off with putting together a smash book of your own? We will leave you to it then―make it a smashing one.