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How to Use Vellum Paper to Create the Best Art and Craft Projects

How to Use Vellum Paper
Vellum paper has been used for eons with great effects. Let us find out more about this paper, how to use it, and what are the different ways in which one can utilize it for maximum effect.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
Have you ever seen a wedding card? The ones that are covered by a buttery, soft, cloudy kind of paper? That is vellum paper. Though the name 'vellum' might sound a little vague, and you probably won't be able to place it immediately, the following article will take you through the description of the same and the ways of using it. It will also tell you about the different manifestations that this paper has.
What is Vellum?
Vellum paper is a semi-translucent, buttery paper. To touch, it feels extremely soft and smooth, and light can pass through it to spread out evenly. It thus renders a very hazy appearance if placed in front of any light. This paper has been used since eons to great effects―especially as a part of decoration and embellishment in art and crafts. This paper has the unique quality of giving anything that it is used in, a very rich appearance.
Earlier, vellum paper was made from stretched calfskin which went through the processes of skinning, de-hairing, and the addition of certain chemicals (talc) so that it became congenial to write on. Over the years, the products with which the paper was made have changed, but it continues to be used extensively to this day, and there are several ways of using this form of paper.
What is Vellum Paper Used For
Vellum paper is best used in making different types of arts and crafts. It renders a very unique flavor in bringing about some much-needed style and richness to a product.
Celebration Cards
The hazy quality is one of the best qualities of this paper. To bring about an immediate transformation from a mundane-looking card, try this trick―take a vellum paper and place it over a picture. Since it has the correct amount of haziness and the right amount of opacity to it, you can see the picture, but it is slightly blurred. This renders it a very unique flavor that is subtle and does not scream gaudy, and yet it looks rich and soft.
The other way of using vellum paper is to put it as colorful sheets in photo albums. It carries with it that unique flavor of richness no doubt, but it also helps to protect the delicate photos by adding an additional layer over them.
Lamp Shades
Vellum paper can be molded into lamps, provided that it is strong enough to bear the heat. By passing a light source through the paper, you'll be able to see the room in a completely different light (quite literally, may I add). Vellum paper blurs the light and gives it a very soothing and calming quality. This is made possible because it does not focus the light as a spot light or a single source that you directly look into (like a bulb). For an ethereal look, therefore, buy (or make) some lamps or paper lanterns that are made of vellum, and you'll have a haven of dim lights to get back to after a hard day at work or school.
Vellum paper is used extensively in scrapbooking. It is possible to write on this form of paper and it renders a very sophisticated look to the book. The key to using this paper in making scrap books is to get creative. Use layering, different-colored pens, stickers, and the lot. The paper is strong enough to be molded into whatever needs to be done with it (cut, tear or jagged ends); so also, it is perfect for writing on, so no problem there. The next time, try some vellum paper instead of regular paper and see the difference.
It can be used in several projects that involve paper crafts. It is the perfect choice to make for kids' crafts in schools as well as other art classes.
Printing Paper
A printer accepts vellum paper very easily (though one has to make sure to allow time for the ink to dry before printing on the adjacent side, if at all). Have an important presentation and want to leave a mark? Try utilizing the option of vellum.
So the next time there is something important that you need to handle in the arts and crafts section (or otherwise) you can think of vellum paper. And then go ahead and create a truly unique piece of art that stands out in a crowd.