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Romantic and Fun Ideas to Make a Scrapbook for Your Boyfriend

Scrapbooking Ideas for Boyfriend
Hunting for the perfect gift for your boyfriend? How about a scrapbook? Intrigued? This article has some awesome scrapbooking ideas that you can use to make a great one for your boyfriend! Read them and get started on your own!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
"Everyday I spend with you is etched into my mind. You've given me so many lovely memories, they'll last me two lifetimes." - Unknown

Every girl who's in a relationship, will relate with this. This article is for every girl who wants to do something special for her boyfriend. Something that will help to preserve the precious memories that you have created together. All those special moments, and those sentimental relationship memorabilia that you've preserved can finally be used to show your boyfriend just how special he is to you. Here are some good ideas that you can use to create a masterpiece that tells your tale.
Ideas to Make a Romantic Scrapbook
Making a scrapbook for men can be a difficult task sometimes. We girls are fond of tassels and ribbons and glitter, but just imagine the look on your boyfriend's face if you gift him with a scrapbook that is pink and frilly and has lace all over it! Aghast is the least of the things he'll be. And, he might meekly accept it just to make you happy, but he'll have a huge bell tolling in his head! But relax! Given below are some ideas that are safe to be used for men. They are tassel free and will still manage to melt his heart!
Pick an Emotion
Pick an Emotion
Picking an emotion to make a scrapbook should not be difficult for you. But if you are struggling, here's some help. Think of an emotion that you both have often shared. It could be love, humor, passion, silliness or even tackiness (yeah! you read that right)! Once you've picked an emotion, you can fill the scrapbook with quotes about that particular emotion.
You may fill the book with any love quotes or other famous quotes from movies, books, magazines, websites, or even some of the sweet nothings that you've said to each other! If you're going with tacky or humor, you can use some funny one-liners that are sure to crack him up!
Special Occasions
Special Occasions
As a couple, there are bound to be some really special days or occasions you've shared together. And I'm sure that you've preserved some photographs of those special moments. It could be your first date, your first kiss, your first anniversary, your first moonlit walk, your first fight and so on. Remember as many as you can (I'm sure you already do!) and paste all your pictures in the order that they happened.
If you don't have photographs of the two of you, you can use any pictures showing those incidents or days. The final product will be a book depicting your entire journey as a couple. It's a great gift idea for your boyfriend! If you're ready to be engaged, then, on the second last page, you can write a small note about your wonderful time together and end the scrapbook with a blank page except for a simple (and quite logical) question, "Will you marry me?"
This is one of the easiest ideas to incorporate into a scrapbook. Ticket stubs, dried flowers, paper napkins with secret notes, love letters, chocolate wrappers, gift wrapping paper, etc.; you're bound to have saved so many small things that have something to do with your boyfriend. It's time to get them out of that box.
Make a wonderful scrapbook with all the tiny things that remind you of him. Mention what each thing represents and he'll be pleasantly surprised at the things you've remembered and preserved!
You'll definitely know what his favorite 'everything' is. Make a great scrapbook of all these favorites! Things that you can use in this scrapbook could be his favorite movie's DVD, lyrics of his favorite love song, a CD with all his favorite songs, his favorite picture of the two of you together, favorite actress' picture, his pet, his favorite family picture, something in his favorite color, his favorite quote, his first visiting card, and many more!
So how did you like these ideas? There are so many different designs and supplies that you can choose from these days. Any stationery store is sure to have a variety of embellishments that you can use to beautify your gift. Keep the scrapbook personalized by writing whatever has to be written, by hand. Avoid printed text! Decorate it in neutral (not dull) colors using neutral decorative articles. So go, make your scrapbook and show your honey just how much you love him!
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