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Sweet Snow! Here's How to Make an Igloo Out of Sugar Cubes

How to Make an Igloo Out of Sugar Cubes
Teach your kids how to make an igloo with sugar cubes and watch them squeal in delight every time they get one step closer to building it up. This winter activity not only will keep your kids engaged during their holidays, but will also lend and set the Christmas spirit right in the house.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 10, 2018
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Since Christmas is just around the corner, there are many winter crafts which are fun and interesting to make. Don't let the holidays get in the way of the kids exploring their creativity. Make crafts more interesting for them by introducing them to an edible craft activity. That's right! Teach them how to make an igloo with sugar cubes. It's simple, inexpensive and, when flavored, tastes yummy! It can also be treated as a group activity at the science fair project in school with a number of children working on it.
As a kid, you might have made an igloo out of cardboard, but, making it out of sugar cubes makes it look more realistic. Get ready with a few materials and follow the steps mentioned below to create this masterpiece.
Materials Required
  • Cardboard sheet
  • Sugar cubes
  • 3 cups Confectioners' Sugar
  • 2 egg whites
  • On the cardboard sheet, draw a circle of 7 inch diameter. Make sure you leave some place for the opening of the igloo in one area of the cardboard.
  • In a mixing bowl, add the egg whites and the sugar, mix them well so that a thick paste is formed. You can use this as the mortar to build the igloo.
  • On the circle, lay the base of the igloo with one layer of sugar cubes, but leave the space where you want to have the entrance.
  • Now, on this base, apply the white icing, or mortar, to each upper face of the cube and place the other layers subsequently in the form of rows. Make sure you keep reducing the number of cubes as you graduate upwards, since you want to make a dome, i.e, keep decreasing the circumference as you move upwards on the igloo.
  • Once the main igloo body is built, start working on the entrance which will have to be built vertically. So, keep about one layer of ice cubes and then build an arch as the entrance.
  • You can either build the igloo and the arch separately and then glue them together or build them simultaneously, but make sure they are symmetrical and uniform.
  • Allow it to dry for sometime and when it dries up completely, sprinkle some sugar to make it look like snow.
  • If you are preparing the igloo as an edible Christmas decoration, you can add candy and chocolates around it, to make it look attractive and delicious.
Wasn't that easy? Well, I am sure your igloo model is going to be very popular among kids! So, go ahead and enjoy the spirit of Christmas with these fantastic winter craft ideas.